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spring/summer collection filled with color and joy

Spring is in the air,
let this collection inspire you and lift your spirit!

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    This is, as I’ve stated many times on my socials, my absolute favorite go-to dress. I’ve caught myself wearing it all the time. It’s one of my first designs and really stands for what I believe my clothes should do. Give you freedom in movement and put the emphasis on YOU, the wearer. This dress will make you look super dressed up without having to put any thought into it. The pockets make it nice and easy. The fabric is a light-weight scuba which you can wash over and over. It will remain the same in color and shape. No need to iron, this dress barely wrinkles. Just leave to dry on a hanger. Dress up or down with accessories and shoes. Let me know how you feel in it!



    Yes! I am so excited for this piece to be made in this fabric. Its a cotton that shifts color depending on the light. This also happened as I tried to catch it in the product picture. The truest color is the one of Petra wearing it over the JERSEY COCOON. You might think orange is not my thing? Well don’t discard this color just yet. The weaving of the denim gives a kind of shine to it. It pops like neon and then it fades back to a pale orange. All depending on the light, movement and mood of this piece. Because of the denim character of this fabric you can also wear this piece like a jacket. It easily transitioned into a outfit with a pair of tights and your favorite accessories. Enjoy!



    This is one of my favorite casual dresses. Its so easy to wear. You can dress it up or just wear with flats or sneakers. I also like that it has no waste emphasized but it does have shape with thanks to the side panels. They give definition to your silhouet.The striped hem gives this dress a nice little twist. You can wash this dress on 30C in the machine.



    This flowing fabric has become a signature in many collections. For this one I printed it with the flowers of the DAISY T-SHIRT and I was lucky to mix the perfect tone matching the little square knitted into the fabric. The front and back are intentionally different. And as you know the waist band is elastic! A nice summer skirt which will dance around your ankles.



    After all these gloaming times, let this piece and color lift your spirits! I know it does mine with the perfect color pink popping of the screen. (again, hard to capture on camera, as the fabric reacts differently to different light. Wear as a dress (which is super easy and comfy) or as a painters blouse that you stole from the studio. This is the same design in which Hanna is dancing in the DRESS FOR YOURSELF campaign. It gives so much movement and freedom. The fabric is a light cotton, there are two hidden pockets and the lining on the bottom is black. This blouse comes in one size, there is an option to elongate the sleeves.



    This is my take on a feminine blouse inspired design that has all the bells and whistles. I love the details in the coup and the ruffles in the sleeves. Especially with the darts coming up from the side, cinching in the waist. The color of this purple satin cotton is so strong and empowering, it almost feels magical. This dress has pockets (of course!) and the hem is finished with a satin bias. Wear this piece as a dress, as a shirt or a blazer. You will look amazing!

Combine all your favorite pieces,

treasure them and build your sustainable wardrobe with items that last beyond one season.

Check out these limited editon t-shirts

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    What is more cheerful than a field of daisies? I really like to print flowers onto fabric because they look really good scattered all over and they always have a mood lifting effect. This edition is printed three times, each vary a little because of this artisan technique. This t-shirt can be worn over-sized or cropped in with the CATH skirt (which has the same floral print!). The organic cotton is super duper soft. A must have summer piece.



    This organic cotton t-shirt has a iris printed leave pattern all over. Iris printing means that multiple colors mix in while printing. It’s a beautiful effect and I love the dept it gives to a fabric. It also gives a lot of options for combining with other pieces. I think you would wear this nicely with a pair of summery shorts, or the CATH skirt with elastic waist band. It’s over-sized so nice and breezy for summer weather.



    This organic cotton t-shirt is screenprinted with a silver/grey ink on the front panel. It’s a real limited edition since I only printed one in each size. This abstract silver print gives the illusion of a leave or a wave and matched with the print on the SHORTY. Of course you can wear a t-shirt like this with anything! From jeans to shorts. The cut of the t-shirt is over sized, so it’s a easy breezy piece for summer.


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