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Clothing, fabrics and style is what makes me excited! Designing pieces that last beyond seasons, empower women and which give you added ease and strength. My ideal customer dares to be different and feels true to herself wearing my clothes. This philosophy is reflected in the shapes of my designs, which are un-fussy, comfortable and feminine, using versatile materials and vibrant colors.

Picture by: Team Peter Stigter

Picture by: Team Peter Stigter

I love the craft of screen printing. It gives a hand drawn touch to my designs. Approaching fashion in an artistic way, I use the fabric like a canvas to express my feelings and emotions. Intuitive and abstract at once.It MAKES THEM UNIQUE AND QUIRKY.


Small scale collections
with a big impact.

Quality pieces made with love. In a healthy, good, working environment for the people crafting these garments. Besides the pieces I make in my Studio in Maastricht I’ve been working together with Slow Fashion Fast. A company seclusive in working for, and with small scale designers.

Picture by: Karin Kikkert

Dress for yourself, not others.

Why Buy from a designer?

A question frequently asked by newbies. I understand if you’ve never bought from a designer this question might be going through your mind. Why buy from an independent designer? Here I will give you a few reasons…


All pieces are designed with a point of view. My point of view is to emphasis your individuality and make you feel beautiful and comfortable inside and out.


Have been browsing through the site and have found something you like? But wish it was in your size? Or wish it was in a different color? Just send me an email! Come by the studio if possible! I can give you the options to customize the pieces you buy.


I am proud to say most of my pieces last a very long time. This comes from the use of materials. By wearing my own designs I can then smooth out the little imperfections until the piece is perfect and can stand the test of time.


By shopping at an independent designer you support a small scale production circle. Where each chain is honest and equally connected. You give room for new colorful creations to be made.

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