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And Then There Is Dreaming

SHOW And Then There Is Dreaming shown at the Polen Fashion Philosopy Week in Lodz Polen.
Pictures by Mike Pasarella and FASHIONCLASH FESTIVAL

This collection started on a market in Berlin. Actually the whole idea for the main designs was created in the museums of Berlin. I drew a lot of silhouettes when looking at paintings of contemorary art. The fabrics I found on the market and the color pallet was very opposite other collections. Darker, deeper and with more texture. The printing in this collection is somewhat minimal. It didn’t form the main core but of course was very much part of the story.

Being invited to present my work in Poland was a huge honor. With many thanks to FASHIONCLASH who gave me the ticket and guidance to go. It changed my view on collections, on the idea of a show.

It was the first time collaborating with Daniel van Loenen on music. Using his music on tape set off the idea for working closer together. We did on next collections where is played live during the show.

Being invited to Poland Fashionweek was super exiting on so many levels. Artisticly because I had to create the largest amount of pieces I had never done. Emotionally because of my fear of flying and the anxiety of the practical things. How do I move a collection of so many pieces into a suitcase? How do I fit in all the shoes? What will it be like when I get there?

Landing in the hotel I felt greeted with warmth and I felt so lucky to be there. With the support of the FASHIONCLASH Team and the people of the press I felt like comming into a community.

And then there's dreaming

This title really relates to how I felt at that time. What a dream to be able to travel and show my collection to a new audience. It felt like this accomplishment really dared me to start dreaming more, bigger and more freely. It validated my feelings of wanting to create collections and fabrics.


Listen to more of Daniel van Loenens music.

Video By FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland

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