Backstage Stories


So much gratitude to Marcel Schlutt and the whole KALTBLUT MAGAZINE team for pulling this all together and giving me this opportunity.

This day was so nerve wrecking in the beginning. I had to force myself to eat breakfast. First getting the car and collection to the location. Next setting up the styling and show-order. Luckily Marcel and the Kaltblut team was all prepared and set to go! There was something magical about everyone getting together and working towards this presentation.

Almost showtime! Time to line up the models and clean out the space to make room for the audience.

The location Village Berlin is an enormous space in a back alley of Berlin. The wooden floor and light ceilings gave the room a classic feel and style. There where 3 presentations at the same time of which one was my collection. The models where set up to relax and sit or stand in a setting of chairs and lights. In a one hour installation they moved, rotated and showed my work to the audience. To say it was special is an understatement. It was moving.

Pictures by Kiko Dionisio

With Many Thanks To

Special thanks to Marcel Schlut, Kaltblut Magazine, Zalando for the shoes, models by @peppermintcircus_agency , Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof, FASHIONCLASH Festival, Village Berlin, Yu-liang Liu, Sebastian Pollin, @lieswambacq, Music by Aude Gouaux Langlois and Lotte Milder.

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