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Backstage Stories: DANCE

Inspired by the dance video of Hanna’s instagram account, I decided the winter collection had to be shot in a dance studio, with Hanna dancing in my new winter collection.

Now that the “new normal” has become a long during adjustment to our lives I think we value the thing we still can do much more. Like the previous campaign called: “It’s the little things” This new collection really builds on this idea. I thought of ways that I myself can still feel free and let loose. For instance when I go to a dance studio, forget my troubles and dance!

Watching the online video Hanna had posted on her Instagram really added to the inspiration of this new winter collection. I also really want to emphasis more on the slogan: DRESS FOR YOURSELF NOT OTHERS as well. So this winter collection is a cross-over collection that is super wearable and more than ever super comfortable. These are pieces you wear over your home wear, and turns your lounge outfit into a look. They are easy to put on, easy to move in and all the wool’s are super soft.

The way a garment moves along with you, the wearer is a always very difficult to capture in photo. So I thought about doing a short movie as well! A movie which revolves around my collection in motion, giving the sense of freedom the clothes posses.

I called up Mike and Adriana Pasarella and we put all these inspirations in a mix and decided to plan this campaign!

Now to find the perfect location...

For this project it was very important that we find a location that had a lot of natural light and a lot of space. A space for Hanna to dance in, but also for us all to work at a safe distance from each other.

As I was looking for a location I asked Hanna, first of all if she wanted to lend her talents to this project and second if she knew a place to shoot. Luckily she said yes! And came up with “Dansateliers” in Rotterdam. After one quick look on their website I fell in love with the space and light. Luckily we could work there in a safe way with distance and all the room for Hanna to dance in.

I have worked often with Mike and Adriana, want to see their work on their website? Click here.

The day itself...

Started super early with all of us driving to Rotterdam to catch the early light. Once we all had a cup of coffee our creativity kicked in and we worked together like a charm. The first part of the day we started with shooting the video and after lunch we shot the look book.

How lucky we where to witness Hanna’s beautiful dance moves! It was so special to see her wear the collection and dance so beautiful as we had seen online. I had goosebumps. As I said before, it’s the little things… With this shoot I really hope to inspire you to take the small things that make you happy and make them bigger, more frequent in your life. The collection will be online soon!

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