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Backstage Stories: It’s the Little Things

Planning a photoshoot in this new time is new and exciting. It gives something to look forward to and it proves we can still work together.

We started this shooting day bright an early at the Pieter Post straat in Maastricht. But before we started here there where many zoom-meetings preparing for this day. Mike, Adriana and I took our time to really prepare all the details of this photoshoot. We started with the idea of safety, for everyone on set. But also we started with the idea to embrace the given circumstances. Yes we are living in a Corona Time, yes we are mostly stuck to our homes, why would we not be open about this in the presentation of our photoshoot? Instead of shooting on a location or in a studio, why not take the pictures outside? Set up in the front garden of the model?

With this idea we went to Sophie. Asking her if she felt comfortable with this plan and if she would want to join us.

When Sophie agreed to this idea we all got super excited. Mike and I started planning the places we would photograph each look. I went trough the street and took a lot of pictures and video’s that we then pan out in the mood boards. Adriana came up with a beautiful healthy make-up plan. Nothing to extravagant, much closer to what you would be able to do yourself.

We planned everything to perfection. Because we had to, but also because we didn’t want to waste the day with having to figure out on set what to do when. We wanted the focus to be on the feeling the clothes give and how to capture this on film. The focus of our preparation was to create a setting where everyone was safe and comfortable.

After meeting with Sophie on zoom and we all got super excited. So when we met in real life of course we all where so happy to see each other again. The day “flowed” like a dream. Sophie was beautiful (as she always is), the make up was perfect and I really loved Mike’s professional take on the day mixed in with his relaxed approach.

The images are beautiful and I cannot wait to share them next week!

Click here to see Mike & Adriana Pasarella's portfolio on their website!

Thank you so much Mike, Adriana Pasarella & Sophie.

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