Pop Up

Bazaar du Sud event 2021

Bazaar du Sud pop up event at Brandweerkantine Maastricht.

All pictures by Laurent Stevens

I am mega excited to be part of this group of entrepreneurs for the first edition of Bazaar du Sud! As a platform for creators, we all presented our work and skills at the Brandweerkantine in Maastricht during the weekend of 10, 11 and 12 December 2021.It was a super inspiring weekend where you could find some original, artisan, beautiful gifts for this season. Or just a favorite collection piece for your self!

Participants where:

?Homemade herbal teas and tinctures by @wildmoonherbals
?Handmade candles and ceramic by @tengelwerk
?Designer fashion by me!!
?Custom made poems in a bottle by @poemsfromtheheartspace
?BEAUTIFUL nail art by @laklak_lakt
?Photography prints and more by @gsiliquini and @adevue
?Holistic coaching and card reading by @ik.petra
?Illustrated posters bags, postcards and more by @dotsandink
?Vintage fashion and crystals by @expandedeye
?Contemporary Glassworks by @de.laatste.loodjes

Bazaar du Sud will return with a market in springtime. I can’t wait to be a part of it again.

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