Custom Design PASARELLA Jackets

Custom ebby port Design denim jackets for Mike and Adriana Pasarella

Denim jackets perfect for the job.

This custom order was really fun to design and make because I got to make work-wear jackets for Mike and Adriana Pasarella. You might know these two from the amazing house style fashion photography they do with me and their super cool video work.

So having worked with them so closely really is an advantage to take into this process of designing these jackets. They wanted to have jackets that are durable, practical and fashionable so they can work in them. I took this job on an made sure to think of the extra’s.

For instance I gave Adriana a spot on her shoulder for make up pencils and in Mike’s jacket the pockets are extra deep for the lens covers of his camera’s. I screen printed their logo on the back, big and bold in white ink so their brand name is spotted while working different jobs.

The jacket I designed for Adriana Pasarella is the inspiration for the Adriana Jacket!

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