FACEMASKS for the Jan van Eyck Academy

I was asked to make the FACEMASKS for the Jan Van Eyck Academy staff and participants.

This felt like a great honor, but also a great challenge. Thankfully the order came in while I had assembled the FACEMASK team (former interns and friends). So we where able to pick up this production within a week.

Margriet Thissen, a screenprint artist who runs the screen printing lab at the Jan van Eyck, came with the idea to use the fabric on top of the screen printing table.

So instead of the cotton we normally use, we used the cotton top layer of the screen printing table that is covered in prints. It is there to protect the table. Whenever you print you always leek some ink. Or when you print on a thin fabric, the ink goes trough and leaves a mark. That is why there always are two layers of cotton protecting the table. Margriet washed the fabric and together with Koen, Lionne, Martine, Rik and Famke we made 120 FACEMASKS for the Jan van Eyck.

Pictures by Margriet Thissen and myself.

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