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It’s Night Now

SHOW It’s Night Now shown at the FASHIONCLASH FESTIVAL 2014
FC15_BS_S3_312 (Medium)
Pictures by Team Peter Stigter made at FASHIONCLASH FESTIVAL

This collection was all about the different facets of nighttime. The many feelings you can experience during this times. Getting all dressed up. The rushing in the dress and tops reflect that feeling of celebration. As a summer collection I thought about that feeling when you leave a party in the middle of the night and walk home. I wanted to reflect the shimmering of lights at parties, but also show the dept of the darkness you can feel when alone at night. The puff ink really gives more dept to the prints.

The music to this show was: “The sound of silence – Simon and Garfunkel”

The vibe of this show was a lot of fun. There where many looks and the jewelry made by Marsha Kessels really complimented the clothes.


The title of the show of course had to have the word: “night” in it. By adding it into the sentece It’s night now I felt like the show really got a sense of time and urgency. Like how you sometimes need it to be night. Or how sometimes nighttime just falls over you without noticing it and all of a sudden you are in it.

Other things that happened that weekend

During the FASHIONCLASH Festival week I had the opportunity to show and sell my collection in the window display of Le Marais Deux. A boutique in the center of Maastricht. See this window display.


After showing this collection at FASHIONCLASH Festival I was invited by Fashionweek Poland to make and present a collection there.

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