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The open studio days of 2020 where held in the Rechtstraat Maastricht

Short, but sweet.

It was so special to have Open Studio Days in this year because of all the restrictions of the covid-19. Thanks to the building in the Rechtstraat there was a lot of space for clients to come by safely. Of course I had all the rules of the government in place and all people entering had to wear a mouth mask and take a basket. This street is known for it’s many boutique style stores and it was so nice to be there.

During these Open Studio Days I made good use of the space and I showed the film: DRESS FOR YOURSELF NOT OTHERS on different beamers. The film has already premiered online, but it was so cool to see peoples reaction to it in real life. Even though the days where cut short due to covid-19 cases, it was fun while it lasted.

Thank you all for coming!

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