And What If You Are Needed

Fashion collection presented at Fashionclash festival with screenprint showpieces

This collection was inspired by the theme of the FASHIONCLASH Festival which was: heritage. This really got me thinking about this theme. What is heritage to me and how can I translate this into a collection. I thought about it a lot and settled on an idea of looking back into what I wore in my childhood and I started drawing inspiration from this. I wanted to incorporated this sense of naivete you can have as a child into the collections prints and silhouettes.

Flowers, hand drawings, writings, printing over existing printed fabrics and big shaped cut outs are the base for the prints. Making these drawings and cutouts without thinking too much, I almost made them as a child.

I worked on a new technique in screen printing in this collection: bleach ink. The use of cotton gave the possibility to work with this etching ink. It is an ink that when heated bleached colors out of fabric. I especially like this technique in the theme of heritage because it gives the fabrics a worn out feeling. As if these fabrics where found in an attic and where de-colored by the sun shining through a peek in the window.

Also I experimented for the first time with printing with a empty screen. This is placed as a square color block into one of the dresses. The bold shapes and ruffles on the clothes really compliment the prints.

Photography by Ruben Reehorst / Jewelry Design is part of the collection  / Models: Kim Jongen and Mami Izumi

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