Irritable Softness

Fashion photography by Milder Sisters & ebby port

A week before the presentation at the FASHIONCLASH Festival this collection was captured on camera by the Milder sisters. Their background in film is really shining through in these beautiful images. We where lucky to shoot this editorial in the same location as the show. I chose this location because I love the feeling of intimacy when you walk down the stairs into the basement. You get the idea you are in some sort of old fashioned club, where the music is beating loud, and people are dancing freely. But then there is also a sort of emptiness in the space.

The moment of stillness is really captured well and with it my idea of this collection is captured to perfection. Of course this is thanks to the entire team. The title for this collection refers to the contradiction in words (of irritation and softness), but not necessarily of that in feeling. Softness can be irritating, while we usually perceive it as something nice.

Creative direction: Milder Sisters & Ebby Port / Photography: Karlijn Milder / Models: Lotte Milder / Martine Kramer and Sophie Nelissen / Gaffer: Jasper van Leeningen / Grading: Martina Fazekas / Hair and Make Up: Emma Gielen / Special thanks to The Commons & The Student Hotel Maastricht for the use of the location


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