My first time screen printing led to this collection. By making my own prints and thereby making the fabrics very authentic I was able to tell a story of color and print.

Working in the printing lab at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht gave me the space to experiment with color and print. It opened my eyes to new aesthetics.

The prints are first hand drawn without thinking to much about it. Because it was my first time printing I didn’t want to over-complicate things. By pressing with different colors in one frame, the iris effect gave the print it’s dept.

With this collection I started working on the idea of movement as an important factor in my designs. The silhouet follows this: the armholes are big, the sleeves are loose. The jumpsuit and the dress have hidden pants inside them.

Not only did I print the fabrics, I also printed a paper edition. Florine van Rees shot the pictures and came with the idea to use them during the photo shoot. By laying the models on top of them this shows not only the clothes and the prints surpassing them, they also show the importance of the printing process.

Photography by Florine van Rees / Jewelry Design by Marsha Kessels / Hair and make up by Frances KrolĀ  / Assistant Milou Snoeijers / Models: Esti from Max Models and Doris from Human Models

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