Strikks Collab Lummel Sweater


When we started our collaboration we set out to design the perfect sweater. Easy to wear yet quirky in design. Timeless yet fun. And we think we have come pretty close in this design! The sweater has a little bit of a boxie shape with elegant features that draw your attention to the sleeves and neckline. The sweater is perfect on denim but if you want to wear it more formal it combines really chique with black. For all you technical-lovers: the front panel of this sweater (from neckline to hem) is knitted from one piece. This sweater will become your favorite instantly when you feel the soft touch of the 70% bio wool-30% alpaca STRIKKS yarn.

Because we believe in sustainable and exclusive, this design will be made custom to your size. Just send us your measurements and we will start knitting! Would you like to make an appointment? Just let us know. Because of this way of working we start for you upon order and payment and it is not possible to refund this design.

STRIKKS is a high-quality knitting studio with an in-house lab that develops all sorts of knitted products or textiles. Innovative and collaborative, STRIKKS is the platform for knitting, including product development, courses and a line of STRIKKS yarn which consist of 70% bio-wool 30% alpaca. 

Combining our strengths, we have collaborated on a small capsule collection of three perfectly knitted designs.