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SHOW Redemption shown at the Jan van Eyck Academy during Fashionclash Festival 2017
Pictures by Team Peter Stigter made at the Jan van Eyck Academy during the FASHIONCLASH FESTIVAL

Skipping down the Jan van Eyck stairs to get a coffee, in the time my print layer is drying, it hits me. What if there are models walking down these steps. Like in the movie about Coco Chanel. A staircase where the models come down to appear before the audience seated below. I pause, the afternoon light hits me and I get struck with the beauty of the Jan van Eyck building.

A show here, that would be amazing. But wouldn’t it be to grand? Too much?

The idea keeps coming back. What a dream it would be. My own location, fashion show. Just like so many others. I decide to do it, jump in the deep. My very own show.

A show here, that would be amazing. But wouldn’t it be to grand? Too much?

The show can take place during the FASHIONCLASH Festival as a location to attend. This gives an extra confidence boost.I start getting into organisation mode. Instead of putting together a cohesive collection, I am now catapulted into all things that make a show come to life.

For the models I ask woman who inspire me. How I have worked with, or whom I run into at the super market. I try to cast a diverse group because it reflects on the people actually wearing my clothes. For the music I ask my dear friend Daniel van Loenen. He agrees to play live, since we both decide this is the only real option for the sound to carry the models down the stage.

Lies van Wambacq joins me on the day with her beautiful jewelry created to collide with the show pieces. To read more about our collaboration click here.

On the day itself I find myself dependent on many people who have come to support. It is a beautiful day. Everything flows. I see smiles on the girls faces when they try on their outfits. Hiding in the print lab I see every model coming out to start their performance. Its an emotional moment. I feel so proud but more thankful to be able to share my work in this was.


After the other collections this is the title that struck me as fitting. Listening to Johnny Cash’s Redemption Day for 1000 times, its this I want to call my collection after. It seems fitting with the time, with my feelings and the need for me to give this show. Its a redemption of all I have always wanted but never allowed myself to feel.


The week before the show, Florine van Rees came to Maastricht to capture the collection worn by Sophie en Selma.

The day itself was very special. Read about it in the BACKSTAGE STORIES

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