This is a pre-washed cotton non-medical FACEMASK. You can put in a filter such as 3 layers of kitchen paper or a vacuum bag. The mask has an aluminum strip to adjust to your nose. The mask has 4 strings to attach to the back of your head. Each string is approximately 45 cm long. You can wash this mask on 60C in the machine (use a bra-bag to wash in) or put in a container with boiled water and detergent. Use mask until moist. See the instructions in the video.




    This facemask covers you up and let’s your eyes speak. A little bit of a formal look because of the cotton blue fabric. The red strings are 47 cm and the inside has an opening for a filter. Stay safe!



    This matching ORANGE BULBY facemask is super duper solid. The fabric is not only nice in color, the quality is denim like. So it keeps it’s shape perfectly. There is a aluminum strap in the nose, that gives a perfect fit to your face. The inside has an opening for your filter. Stay safe!



    A cute bag filled with two layers of screenprint. This strong cotton tote bag can function as a grocery bag or just use it to make a eco fashion statement 😉 Now the only choise you have to make is, do you want this bag in pink or blue?



    A cute bag filled with two layers of screenprint. This strong cotton tote bag can function as a grocery bag or just use it to make a eco fashion statement 😉 Now the only choise you have to make is, do you want this bag in pink or blue?



    Why not have a bit of fun with your facemask? This all-over printed has two side flaps you can casually wear alongside your face. Make the most of this item and see it as an accessory!



    This quilted fabric has a silver leave print all over, there is an organic cotton layer inside. In between you can put a filter. The aluminum strap on the nose makes it easy to adjust to your face. Soft and fun!



    There is only one sweater left of the Christmas pop up 2019 editions! The color of the circles is a mix of gold and silver. You can wash this sweater on 40C in the machine. It’s a unisex model that can be worn oversized.

  • Strikks Collab DIY package for Circle Beanie


    Are you a real do it yourself-er? And would you like to make your own ebby port x STRIKKS Circle Beanie? Gift yourself with this package that includes the pattern, a full description and special STRIKKS yarn combined with glitter for your knitting machine. You’ll be able to make this Circle Beanie for yourself, your neighbor or maybe even your secret crush.

  • Dutone BOXIE


    A t-shirt with a twist! The top half is an organic cotton, the bottom half is a double-faced sheer purple mesh fabric. The shape of the top is suppose to be worn over-sized. The bottom is not really see through but it does have a see-through feel (does that make sense?). You can wash this top on 30C in the machine.



    Any weather can be sweater weather! Now you can shine with my logo on it. I really like this peachy color sweater with hoodie from which my logo really pops! Of course the logo is screen printed in house, with puff ink.



    Any weather can be sweater weather! Now you can shine with my logo on it. This deep watermelon color can be worn long or cropped. Don’t we all love watermelon? My logo really pops thanks to the puff ink! Of course the logo is screen printed in house.



    Any weather can be sweater weather! Now you can shine with my logo on it in shimmering silver. Of course the logo is screen printed in house. *THIS SWEATER IS AN OVERSIZED MODEL.* Check the measurements to find your perfect over sized fit. We can all use a silver lining, can’t we?



    Any weather can be sweater weather! Now you can shine with my logo on it. This beautiful light ivory color can be worn long or cropped. I even have it myself. My logo really pops thanks to the puff ink! Of course the logo is screen printed in house.

  • A TASTE OF PRINTING – avondworkshop 19.00-22.00


    Kennismaken met zeefdruk op textiel? In deze avondworkshop leer je in 3 uur de basis technieken van het zeefdrukken op textiel. Na een korte introductie, en het zien van verschillende voorbeelden, ga je zelf experimenteren met verschillende prints en stoffen. Aan het einde van de avond ga je naar huis met de basis kennis van zeefdrukken op textiel, je proeflapjes en veel inspiratie!

    Ik bied voor deze cursus aan:

    • koffie, thee en heel veel inspirerende vibes!
    • verschillende zeefdrukramen met verschillende prints.
    • verschillende kleuren en soorten inkt.

    Jij brengt:

    • jouw nieuwsgierigheid en enthousiasme!
    • leergierigheid en zin om de techniek te leren.
    • een schort om je kleding te beschermen.

    Voor deze cursus geldt een maximum van 6 personen. De workshop avonden duren van 19.00 tot 22.00.



    The BOXIE t-shirt has become a classic in my collections. This edition has a cute black and white collar and is hand painted with three colors. I painted it with different utensils and this gives it a cheery vibe. This shirt is made of organic cotton and you can wash it in the machine on 30C.



    This shorty is cute and flirty. But most of all so easy to wear! The elastic band gives in any way you move, so feel free to dance around! The fabric is a rich cotton that is printed with leaves. Tho I didn’t print this fabric myself, I got super inspired by this print! I think its a cheerful print without becoming childish. This short is my favorite summer piece since it has a skirt like vibe, but remains a short. Have fun with this cutie. You might want to combine it with a limited edition t-shirt!



    Who said a woolen skirt can’t be sexy! This skirt has a big slit which makes it easy to wear on (for instance) your bike! Wear it over a pair of skinny pants, or a dress. The fabric is really soft and it’s easy to slip on with the elastic waste band. Combine with the JELLE sweater for the full look.



    This top is actually a short BRIGHT DRESS. I thought it would also make a nice top since the fit is really good. If you are small you might wear it as a tunic. Made in a golden cotton with a bit of stretch this is a item you can wear year round. Wear it fancy with a pencil skirt, or casual with a washed jeans. Wash this top in the machine on 30C. It’s easily accessible by the blind zipper. The sleeve length is 3/4.



    The MILLIE dress is one of those easy-to-wear dresses of the capsule collection. This version has a twist. It has pockets and a rushing on the sleeves. I really like the simple lines of this dress and the flowing feel. When you spin around you really see how much fabric it has. Wear it as is or with a belt to emphasis your waste. Linen fabric can be a real divider. Some people love it, others can’t get over the wrinkly effect. It’s a super strong fiber and wearing it in summer is really, really nice. This deep black linen is beautiful because it has so much dept and a nice shine. The fabric can be washed on 30C and it will even look better after washing.



    This dress combines a lot of things. With it’s open sides it’s very sexy yet practical for a hot summer day. Flowy and breezy, you can wear it as is or over a top (with or without sleeves). Funny thing about the ribbons on top is that they can actually open up. So for those breastfeeding, this might actually be a comfy dress! So sexy yet breastfeeding, what a mix! You can wash this dress on 30C in the machine.



    The brush strokes on this dress make it unique. Because of the times we live in I can not go screen printing, so hand painting is the new trend! I combined three different colors and made a scattered pattern on the organic jersey cotton. You can wear it as is, or with a belt. It’s super comfy yet unique! Wash on 30C in the machine, the colors will remain.



    This is a one of a kind statement piece. These pants stand out in shape, color and print. The print is scattered and irregular. Even tho the model is a small, the pants are a medium since they are a little baggy on the model. There are pockets in front, and elastic waistband for comfort and a flair in the bottom.



    One of a kind edition of LITTLE SHORTY. The fabric is paper like. Very light and washable in the machine. The print in red corresponds with the inside red bias band to finish the hem. Easy to wear with the elastic waste band. Only available is medium. But this model is often made in fabrics that are more plain.



    A fully lined, slightly a line skirt with an all over mint colored print. The hem of the skirt a-symmetric. The model is wearing a medium, which is pinned back so the size is an actual medium/large. The fabric is a viscose polyester mix and can be washed at 30C in the machine.



    This is a one of a kind hand painted CURLY top. Because of the time we live in, I can not go screen printing, so hand painting is the new trend! The top itself is really nice for summer. You wear it over-sized and because of this, there is extra room around your body and its nice and airy on hot days. The sleeves on this top make it so that you can also wear it for a business occasions. This top (including the print) can be washed in the machine on 30C.



    Superduper comfy trow over dress. Is this a word? Its a dress designed to wear over another. Or to wear over a pair of trousers. The side slits give it a lot of range in motion and the top lining is super soft. If you get cold easily but don’t want to wear an obvious choice this piece is the one for you. Wear it over a woolen turtle neck, a t-shirt or a dress. Plus it’s the perfect cover-up for when you’re working from home and want to change your lounge-wear into an outfit.



    A tablier is the french word for apron and I chose this name because this dress is as easy as wearing an apron. Just pop it on over your comfy home wear. As with an apron you will wear something underneath this dress. Maybe a white blouse? A t-shirt or a turtle neck? In any case this dress and its loose, wild shape give so many options and variations. Dress it up? Dress it down? This dress can be super outspoken while wearing lounge wear underneath.

  • Strikks Collab Circle Beanie


    Soft, smooth and fun! We wanted to created a real eye-catcher Circle Beanie that has the same print as seen in the Fantasia tunic. The hem can be styled up or down, in any way wear it with a smile! This Circle Beanie will definitely (and most importantly) will keep you warm with the 70% bio wool-30% alpaca STRIKKS yarn.

    Because we believe in sustainable and exclusive, this design will be made custom to your size. Just send us your measurements and we will start knitting! Would you like to make an appointment? Just let us know. Because of this way of working we start for you upon order and payment and it is not possible to refund this design.



    Go Big Or Go Home means go all the way or don’t do it at all. I really feel that the name of this dress fits the silhouette and feel. It’s really a: “You love it” or “You hate it” kinda dress. For me it combines comfort, practicality and beauty. Because it is made in dark blue cotton the shape stands out even more. The dress has 2 pockets and can be washed in the machine on 30C. It’s comfortable, fun and chique at the same time.