A tablier is the french word for apron and I chose this name because this dress is as easy as wearing an apron. Just pop it on over your comfy home wear. As with an apron you will wear something underneath this dress. Maybe a white blouse? A t-shirt or a turtle neck? In any case this dress and its loose, wild shape give so many options and variations. Dress it up? Dress it down? This dress can be super outspoken while wearing lounge wear underneath.

  • Strikks Collab Fantasia


    Is it a dress of a tunic? We decided that it is both. We want to offer you different ways of wearing this lovely design that has a seemingly easy design. The side and back panel dance around you as it is knitted from one piece that creates volume. With a seam in the back and made in deep black it contrasts well with the front panel that has an eye-catching print. How cool to see one of my screen prints transformed into knitted design. The neckline rolls up into a stripe and gives you room to style in your own way. This piece is designed with the emphasis on the front so that the print and the silver yarn pop even more. Wear it easy and casual over a turtleneck or blouse, as a cheeky dress or with your favorite pair of pants. This piece is versatile and most importantly will keep you warm with the 70% bio wool-30% alpaca STRIKKS yarn.

    Because we believe in sustainable and exclusive, this design will be made custom to your size. Just send us your measurements and we will start knitting! Would you like to make an appointment? Just let us know. Because of this way of working we start for you upon order and payment and it is not possible to refund this design.

  • Go Big or Go Whaly


    Go Big Or Go Home means go all the way or don’t do it at all. I really feel that the name of this dress fits the silhouette and feel. It’s really a: “You love it” or “You hate it” kinda dress. For me it combines comfort, practicality and beauty. This special edition version is printed with the whale-inspired print all over. The dress has 2 pockets and can be washed in the machine on 30C. It’s comfortable, fun and chique at the same time.



    Superduper comfy trow over dress. Is this a word? Its a dress designed to wear over another. Or to wear over a pair of trousers. The side slits give it a lot of range in motion and the top lining is super soft. If you get cold easily but don’t want to wear an obvious choice this piece is the one for you. Wear it over a woolen turtle neck, a t-shirt or a dress. Plus it’s the perfect cover-up for when you’re working from home and want to change your lounge-wear into an outfit.