STRIKKS x ebby port collaboration

Fashion knitwear collection made by STRIKKS and ebby port.

Maartje and I always talked about working together because we thought our strengths would really compliment each other. With her expertise in knitting and my experience in designing a functioning garment we turned out to be a perfect team. We had a lot of fun working together on our collaborative knitwear collection.

STRIKKS is a high-quality knitting studio with an in-house lab that develops all sorts of knitted products or textiles. Innovative and collaborative, STRIKKS is the platform for knitting, including product development, courses and a line of STRIKKS yarn. 

When we started working together we really got to see each others way of designing. Maartje focused on the different techniques in knitwear as I went looking for shapes and pattern pieces to design the perfect sweater and cardigan. It was a constant back and forth of ideas and possibilities. Constantly inspiring each other. Some design features we stumbled on by chance, other where really defined. Immediately after working together we decided to make this an ongoing collaboration since we work together so well and have so many ideas and designs.

We presented our collaboration during the FASHIONCLASH weekend in Maastricht.

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