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Pop Up Kiki Niesten Maastricht

Window display and point of sales at Kiki Niesten Maastricht during the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2016

Having a window display at Kiki Niesten, it's something I thought about at art school, but got laughed at by teachers at the time.

So when I was offered to make a window display here during the FASHIONCLASH weekend, it felt like a huge achievement. I was nervous and super excited at the same time. Working here didn’t make the nerves any less. I really wanted to show Kiki, Anne, the team and the clients what I could do. So instead of getting afraid, I prepared everything to perfection. Cutting out over 250 paper screen printed flowers for the window display, perfecting the finishing touches of the show pieces and it also gave me the last push to step into production with Slow Fashion Fast in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The pieces that where produced where simpel and sell able. I really thought about that. The show pieces where extravagant, screen printed and all made in the studio. My nerves spiked when we where setting up the window display and a lady came in and bought one of the pieces! After this weekend Kiki and Anne offered to keep selling my work at their outlet just across the street.

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