Photoshoot capsule collection by team Pasarella and styling collection by Philippe Pourhashemi

As part of a series of masterclasses organised by FASHIONCLASH Festival I received a lot of tips, tricks and advice to grow my company. It was an exciting experience where I got to work closely with different people from different disciplines.

Over a periode of time I brought a lot of pieces into production to get an overview of most of the styles I have made trough the years.

For the photo shoot Philippe Pourhashemi did the styling and I have to say, starting off a bit anxious it was such an eye opener to see him style my collection pieces. Teamed up with the Pasarella’s it was a beautiful experience.

Photography by Mike Pasarella / Styling by Philippe Pourhashemi / Make-up & hair by Adriana van der Ent / Model: Joni @ Jenphia Models

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