Backstage Stories


This day was so special. My first show on location. Everything organised with the help of friends and family.

The day of the show started with weeks of preparations before hand. The arrangement of the music, approaching the models and of course setting up the “backstage room”. A lot of the models had visited me in the studio and we had done a fittings there. So most work went into organizing all things beside the making of the collection. All so that the day would flow. Even weeks before this Lies Wambacq visited my studio to look at the designproces and inspiration and how we could work together.

So the day of the show was the moment where it all would come together.

The day before I set up the backstage area. Mirror, clothing racks, pins, needles and of course the outfits all went into my small car, up the stairs of the Jan van Eyck and put into place in the backstage area. After all this hustling the space looked really functional and professional. Then it was time to put out all chairs (200!) for the audience and things started to get real. I don’t think I slept that night.

The day itself

On day itself all the models arrived in the morning. I could sense their excitement like I felt my own. They were driven to hair and make up at the FASHIONCLASH backstage. (Many thanks for them letting me use their professional hair and make up team!). When coming back to the Jan van Eyck we rehearsed the walk way. In this I really have to credit models Nina Willems and Lotte Milder who are performance artists. They really took the lead in the choreography and rehearsal.

Cast glass set up their sound boxes. And when we heard the live music fill the space it was magical. The acoustic of the Jan van Eyck is very echoing this emphasized the music and gave life to the show.

Pictures by Koen Nieuwenhuysen en Margriet Thissen.

With Many Thanks To

The models: Kelly van Engelen, Esmee Kohler, Gnelva Nibte, Nina Willems, Katinka Feijs, Lotte Milder, Lionne Nieuwenhuysen, Catherine Wolfs, Sophie Nelissen, Hanneke Ockers, Selma Vogt, Christine Verheyden, Karlijn Krijger, Ninon Leeflang, Sam Schulz

Music: Cast Glass / Jewelry: Lies Wambacq / FASHIONCLASH Festival / All friends and family that helped that day.

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